Who can be called as the True Christians?

Nowadays, many people claim that they are Christians. Even though some of them don’t act like true Christians, but they still claim and insist that they are really Christians. Some people even commit crimes and they are still confident and proud to say that they believe in God. Who will believe those kind of people? Actually, the word Christian means the one who follow Christ. What did Christ do when He was on the earth? Did he commit any crime or did He spoke some unwholesome words?

When we read the Bible, it never mentioned that Christ whom most people believe committed any crime. He actually set us good examples for us to follow. So, if we claim that we are the true Christians, then we have to prove it through our deeds or actions. We must feel ashamed to say that we are Christians when we don’t follow what our God taught us to do. In the Bible, there are a lot of teachings and commands which God gave to us. Some of those teachings are about love, on how to love our neighbors and to serve them. They do also volunteer activities such as cleaning environment. You can view more antipestforme.com about this service. They make nature and environment clean and healthy.

As true Christians, we must follow the examples of Christ such as humility, love, and servitude. Even if others cannot or will not obey God’s teachings, we should be the ones who should set good examples to others so that we, ourselves will not be the ones to say that we are Christians, instead, we should make other people say that we are the true Christians.