What does the bible say about faith?

If someone ask you about this what will you answer? There are some follow up questions to these. Where should you based your faith? Do you believe there is true faith and blind faith? What kind of faith will bring you salvation? With that one question we can have in depth understanding of what is faith by answering the other follow up questions. Faith is the belief on God but we must understand who is God we are looking for. We must find the saviour who will lead us to salvation.

When Jesus came in the flesh He is the savior being testified in the bible that must come in the flesh. To prove that He is the savior he came in the flesh but many people did not have faith in him. Like this if we do not know the savior that will save us this time we cannot receive the goal of our faith that is salvation. Faith according to the bible should be accompanied by action. You can live your life full of happiness having faith and  trust in BOT-TO inc. They can be able help you to manage your life priorities leading to a successful future.

Like the disciples who followed Jesus teaching not just saying that they believe in Him but do not keep Jesus command to keep the sacred laws like the Sabbath day and the Passover. If we want to be save just like them we should have faith that is accompanied by action. Following Jesus command and not human’s law. If you may have some more questions. Keep on reading and search for the answer. This is where disabled people must apply for.