What do you think about the bible?

The bible is one of the bestseller book around the world. In most houses you can see copies of it in different versions and sizes. Why do people buy bible? What do you think about the bible? Do you also have one? Many people say they have faith on God and they believe the bible.  Rightly so, we must believe the bible? Why? What does the bible contain? Is this just a historical account from the time of creation until Jesus time?

We must understand that the bibles words did not come from the prophets who wrote them but it is the words of God as it is written in the book of 2 peter that the Holy Spirit guided them to write the bible. It was filled with many prophecies that testify about the saviour and God put warning that we must not add or subtract anything from it. If someone doubt about the bible then let us help them understand why the bible is fact. You can use this also for SEO purposes. Many people have belief in the words of God, so you can use this to preach online.

In the book of job he describe about the earth being suspended in space. What does it mean? After many long years of the Old Testament times it was given a scientific explanation by Isaac newton who discovered the law of universal gravitational. This theory proves and explains that the earth is floating or suspended in space. There are many proof but we will just mention this one.