The effect on one mans decision on Christian faith

When Christianity was established it contains the truth taught by Jesus that was passed on to His disciples. It is a foundation that was established by the saviour that came in human flesh. His disciples held on to his teachings until the end as they fully believe it will lead them to salvation and it was rightly so. Even when they had to suffer they maintain their faith and kept whatever they have receive with full faith. But because as time passes and this apostles died the true faith slowly cooled down and it was infiltrated by lawlessness.

The schemes are so good and nice that it seems very okay but its effect was immeasurable destruction. How can we arrive at this statement? Because we can understand through history how a decision of one man changed the faith of Christians one hundred percent away from the truth. When an emperor decided to change the sacred law to human’s law it was supported by many who thought they are doing what is right.

At that moment, the truth that leads to salvation disappeared. This happened in 321 AD when one of the truth of the early church, the Sabbath Day, was changed into Sunday worship. Because of this decision of the emperor until now no one can easily understand and distinguish the truth from falsehood. Were your interest caught by this article?