History of Christmas – Introduction

Dec 25 is Christmas, this day is the biggest festival in Christianity and of the world,  even a month before Christmas all kinds of decorations were hang on streets and shops and even those who do not believe in God exchange gifts and enjoy the Christmas season, Christmas is a compound word meaning Christ mass, and it means the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, people celebrate this very day to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ, and all of them have the festive mood.

Transcending its religious meaning Christmas has been established as a public holiday in many countries, and become a much awaited day for many people in the world. Do you know when people started to celebrate Christmas? Do you think people started to celebrate Christmas on the day when Jesus was born in the stable in Bethlehem? Christmas was first kept in AD 354. around 300 years after Jesus was crucified, Christmas started to be celebrated. Christmas was kept by the roman catholic church, and spread along christianty.

But after searching a bit more I found out that Christmas, was a day chosen to correspond to pagan festival, I thought it was birthday of Jesus Christ but in actuality it was really a the birthday of the sun god the god of pagans, now a days no one thinks that when they are celebrating Christmas, they are actually, worshipping the sun god. not Jesus Christ, its very surprising specially since I was a child I was celebrating this event, but now I know it Is wrong.