General view on different religions

We can write many things about religion as it tackles a broad aspect but we can narrow it down by a subject. The one topic we can know about is the existence of many and various religions. many people and Christians believe that religion itself cannot save us. then what is it? if you will ask them this they will surely say faith in god is the one that will save us. If we see more about it we should look and understand what is the faith that will grant us salvation.

It is written in the Bible that God will come down to this earth to give us salvation. Most Christians believe this and is waiting for the savior. the savior that will come again a second time. How can we know Him? There are numerous religions on this earth then how can we know if He came? Will He come in one of the religions existing and the other religions who separate from the major sects or from the mother of all the churches?

It is not easy to answer questions without a guide and if we do not know what is guiding us. Will he guide us into truth or lead us farther away from what we seek? Sometimes we should have an open mind if we want to seek the answer to the questions we want to know. Fixed ideas are the reason before that lead the religious leaders to crucify the savior. Let us not be the same, step up here. Here are the findings on some of website in the net.