Christianity and some of the bible views

Christianity can be a wide and complex topic depending on how you will look at it and understand it. If we will have an open mind we can understand some of its important teaching that affects our faith as Christians. When Jesus came as a man many people do not believe in Him. But why did the apostles been able to recognized Him as the saviour and put their faith in him even though He came in the flesh as a human being?

The reason we should understand is that they believe the prophecies. No one can receive the saviour without believing the words that was written about Him. One of the important and big role of the bible is to testify and prove about the saviour so that Christians who have faith can check if the faith they have will lead them to salvation-the purpose of faith. As it was already written in the Old Testament that the saviour will be born as a son the disciples were given the blessing to become witnesses of Jesus.

They were given the true faith that leads them to salvation. That’s why they have endured all the suffering and persecution believing in the promise of God whom they met in the flesh and taught with the Holy Spirit. We Christians should also have the correct knowledge of the saviour to receive salvation in this time. SEO is one of the top growing business in the online world.  You can continue reading in here. The best strategy in making your business gain many profit is engaging into the world of digital marketing service.