Identity of true Christians

History of Christians

About 2000 years have passed Christians started from the time of Jesus, the good savior, who is God Jehovah that is prophesied to come on this earth, according to the prophesies of the bible. many people from the Jews were waiting, for the Messiah to come, but when He come no one is expecting that he would come in humbleness,  no one expect that the almighty God, King of kings Lord of Lords would come in human likeness.

When he comes only twelve disciples believe, that he is the almighty God savior who comes to this earth to save all human being from the punishment of death because of sins, almost all Jews persecuted Him, they mocked I’m they ridiculed him, they spit on him, hit him with many blows, even though he is God almighty he silently endured all of this, even though they say they love God they do not know the one that they are nailing on the cross is the God that they loved.

But through his love He never give up on us, His actions shows the true meaning of Love, true His blood shed on the cross His flesh that was torn, He saved us, and now almost one third of the whole population of the world believed in Jesus as the savior true his Love that transcends borders  To those who will understand his eternal and unfathomable will He gave the right to become His children called the children of God